• Drum Red Maple (30GL)
  • Eastern Red Cedar (15GL, 30GL)
  • Lacebark Elm (45GL, 65GL, 95GL, 48'' BOX)
  • Live Oak (45GL, 65GL, 95GL, 48'' BOX)
  • Mexican Plum (30GL, 45GL)
  • Possom Haw (30GL)
  • Savannah Holly (30GL)

Bright Star Farm USA is a family owned and operated farm for over 100 years in Alba, Texas consisting of over 175 acres in trees.

‚ÄčAt Bright Star Farm we bring a business practice you can trust, and we can be proud to stand behind, we ensure that our products are the best quality on the market.

Bright Star Farm

A New Generation of Farming

  • Bald Cypress (45GL, 95GL)
  • Bur Oak (45GL, 95GL)
  • Cedar Elm (45GL, 65GL)
  • Chinese Pistache (30GL, 45GL, 65GL, 95GL, 48'' BOX)
  • Cleveland Pear (15GL, 30GL)
  • Cleyera Japonica (15GL)
  • Savannah Holly (30GL)

About Us


  • Shumard Red Oak  (95GL)
  • Shangtung Maple (30GL)
  • Vitex (30GL)
  • Vitex Shoal Creek (15GL, 30GL, 45GL)
  • Yaupon Holly  (15GL, 30GL, 45GL)
  • Yaupon Holly Top.  (30GL)